New Survey Reveals High Speed Internet Matters to Renters

Turn the Internet from a Utility to an Amenity

To many building managers and owners, the internet is just another utility, often getting grouped in with the gas, electric and water services of the world. But to a lot of the people renting units in these properties, internet service is on another level. It’s how we watch movies, listen to music, work from home, play games, catch up with friends and family, buy new clothes, sell old clothes, return those clothes that you immediately regretted buying, etc etc. Gas, electricity and water are all extremely important, but the internet is not only just as essential to our day-to-day lives—to many, it’s what day-to-day life is centered around. As a result, internet service is uniquely positioned to provide a true point of differentiation for residential properties.

How satisfied are you with your current internet service provider?

In April 2018, we conducted a survey about the role of internet service in the lives of renters. More than half of those surveyed said they’d be more likely to renew their lease if they were satisfied with their internet service. Just under half of them reported being either neutral or dissatisfied. The risk of losing these unenthused folks to buildings that have better internet offerings is quite real—that can mean more empty units and less money coming in for building managers and owners.

Does cost of available internet service options factor into your monthly rental budget?

Nearly 60% of renters factor in cost of internet service into their monthly rental budgets. Too often, internet service providers force their expensive bundled packages on consumers who just want internet service, leaving them with channels they don’t watch, landlines they don’t use and, well, budgets they don’t even want to think about. But at just $50 a month, our single-plan super fast internet is designed to leave tenants’ faces smiling (and pockets fuller). And happy tenants are tenants who come in to re-sign their leases, pen-in-hand.

Price and speed are critical when it comes to internet service satisfaction.

Unsurprisingly, price and speed are the top two things renters would most like to improve about their internet service. That’s why when a high-quality, inexpensive internet option like Starry comes to a building, it’s no longer just a utility, but a new luxury amenity—especially with things such as our half-hour appointment windows, 24/7 tech concierge support from real humans and many more features designed to make our customers feel pampered and attended to.

Setting up Starry in your building is an easy, surefire way to elevate the internet from an experience renters just tolerate, to one that’ll keep tenants happy and your units occupied. And to make it an even easier decision for building owners, getting Starry installed costs absolutely nothing. Quite simply, there isn’t a quicker, better or more inexpensive way to upgrade your building and increase tenants’ happiness.

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Our 2018 Resolution: Better Internet in More Cities

Now more than ever, it’s important for people to have a better choice for internet service — yet most American households have just one option. Today, we’re excited to announce the next two markets to get Starry Internet: Los Angeles, CA and Washington, DC.

Access to fast, reliable internet isn’t just an option anymore. It’s a necessity at every level, from the infrastructure that keeps our country running to the lifeblood of creative culture, and everything in between. That's part of why we're bringing Starry Internet to L.A. and D.C., so more people, whether they're creators or policymakers or something else, can experience a better choice for internet.

We’re starting with a beta, but here are some things you can do to get Starry Internet as soon as possible:

  1. Check availability and make sure we have your address. If you’re eligible for the beta, we’ll be in touch.

  2. Talk to your landlord or property manager about Starry Internet. We’ll do most of the legwork, but every little bit helps! (If you own or manage a building, let’s talk.)

  3. Spread the word! Tell your neighbors, friends, and family about Starry Internet — and take a look around our website to learn more.

If you’re not in Los Angeles or Washington, we still have good news for you: We have our eyes on over a dozen new cities later in the year, including New York, Cleveland, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, Detroit, Atlanta, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Miami, and Minneapolis.

It’s going to be a big year for the internet, and we’re thrilled to lead the charge into the future.

Our Statement on Net Neutrality

When we founded Starry, we started with a simple but fundamental premise: people deserve better internet. We built our company around this; it's in our DNA, and it carries through the decisions we make every day. We strive to make every customer interaction a happy one.

Better internet means our customers get great broadband and just that. It means we charge a fair price with no hidden fees or surprises. It means we don’t have data caps. It means that we protect your privacy and the data you send over our network. It means our customers get amazing customer care from sign up, through installation, and every day after.

Better internet also means that our customers get the full and open internet and nothing less. We are the bridge between our customers and the entirety of the internet; we are not the gatekeeper, toll operator, or curator.

Starry supports a free and open internet, and we protect our customers’ right to use the internet however they see fit. We treat all traffic equally, because a free and open internet has been the single biggest driver of innovation over the last generation, and we want that engine of innovation to continue unimpeded.

Starry customers can stream endless videos of exploding watermelons on any service or turn yourself into a dancing banana on any app — or build a better app yourself. You can binge-watch 4K video until your eyeballs bleed (but please don’t) or video chat with your colleagues on the other side of the planet. You can go to whatever weird (but legal) website you want. We don’t care. Have fun. Go nuts.

You are free to use your internet service pretty much however you want. For our part, here’s our clear, plain-English commitment to operating an open internet service:

  • We do not prioritize any content, application, or service. You literally can’t pay us to do this.

  • We do not block access to any legal content, application, or service.

  • We do not cap the amount of data our customers can use. Stream 4K all day if you want. Stream 4K on multiple devices, even. We’re fine with it.

  • We do not inspect and collect the contents of the packets that transit through our network. We need some basic info to make sure everything goes where it’s supposed to, but that’s it.

  • We do not throttle specific content, applications, or services. If you are doing something way, way out of the ordinary that impacts our ability to serve other customers, we may reduce your total throughput for a very short period of time (we will be as clear as possible about the trigger for doing so). We are all in this together.

  • We do not prohibit customers from attaching devices to their connection. We may require you to use our Starry Station WiFi router to provide you with optimal service, but we don’t charge extra for the Station, and it's pretty great, so we think it’s a net positive.

Over the next few weeks, we will be updating our existing open internet disclosure statement and memorializing these clear commitments. And if you ever have any issues with the way we operate our service, let us know by emailing

Happy Interneting,
CEO and Co-Founder of Starry Internet

KRACK and your security

Updated 11.01.2017 to reflect the determination that Starry Station is not vulnerable to the suite of known KRACK exploit techniques.

You might have seen headlines over the past week about a flaw in the standard used to secure WiFi networks. It was discovered by a security researcher at KU Leuven in Belgium, and it can be used to exploit the encrypted communication between WiFi routers and devices.

The security protocol used by practically every consumer WiFi router — including Starry Station — is called WPA2, and parts of it were determined to be vulnerable to a type of attack, now known as KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attack). It’s a serious defect, not only because WPA2 was considered the best available encryption for WiFi networks, but also because the flaw was discovered in the standard itself, making the entire universe of WiFi devices potentially vulnerable to exploit.

Fortunately for our customers, we've worked with our wireless chip vendor to determine that Starry Station is not vulnerable to the suite of known KRACK exploits. That said, you should continue to exercise caution when connecting to other private or public WiFi networks.

There are multiple layers of security that protect the important things you do on the internet. Even if an attacker gained access to your network through KRACK techniques, your internet activity is still encrypted by security certificates and HTTPS — indicated by the little lock you see in the address bar on your web browser.

What you can do to stay safe

If you want to take additional steps to keep yourself safe, here’s what you can do:

  1. Apply updates as soon as they’re issued.
    If you have a non-Starry router make sure it and any WiFi-enabled devices on your network are installed with the latest updates. CERT, the Computer Emergency Readiness Team, maintains vulnerability notes and a list of vendor responses to known vulnerabilities like KRACK.

  2. Use secure sites whenever you’re dealing with private data on the internet.
    Almost every reputable banking, shopping, and social networking site uses the HTTPS protocol — just look for the lock icon in your address bar.

  3. Don’t connect to public WiFi networks.
    This is a best practice all the time, really, because there’s no way to know if the public hot spot has up-to-date security, or if someone nearby is intercepting everyone’s network traffic. If it’s necessary to use a public WiFi, be sure to use a VPN or a built-in service such as Google’s Android 8.0 WiFi Assistant.

  4. Use a VPN to encrypt your internet traffic.
    VPN services will secure network traffic from your devices, but you should only choose a trusted VPN, like those reviewed by Tom’s Guide. Keep in mind that you might need to turn it off to use some services like Netflix or the Apple App Store.

  5. Use an Ethernet connection instead of using WiFi.
    KRACK only affects WiFi networks, so you can get around the risk by hard wiring important devices like your computer if you're waiting for other vendors to issue patches.

How Starry is responding

Again, we have determined that Starry Station is not vulnerable to the known suite of KRACK exploits. We will continue to monitor the situation, however, and post updates to our customers if necessary.

Where you can learn more

If you want to dive into the details of the KRACK vulnerability, you can read more at the following resources:

  • KRACK Attacks: Created by the KU Leuven researcher that discovered the vulnerability and his research team. It has a lot of detailed, technical information.

  • CERT WPA Vulnerability Note: Good overview itemizing critical vulnerabilities and a lists of manufacturer responses.

  • Best VPN Services & Apps of 2017: The Tom’s Guide ratings and reviews of VPN services that can help keep you safe on the internet.

#BeBoldForChange on International Women’s Day

“What, Sir, would the people of the earth be without woman? They would be scarce, sir, almighty scarce.” —MARK TWAIN

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the contributions that women make to our societies and communities. This year’s theme #BeBoldForChange calls for efforts to forge a better working world that is more gender-inclusive in the workplace.

We couldn’t agree more.

Women’s contributions in the workplace should be celebrated, not just one day a year, but year-round and we’re committed to fostering a workplace culture that is inclusive and diverse. At Starry, women don’t just have a seat at the table, often, they have the head seat. From senior engineers to government affairs, design, business development and sales, women populate leadership roles throughout the company and comprise 20 percent of our workforce. It’s a number that continues to grow and something we’re very proud of.

As a technology startup, we’re laser-focused on our business. But we’re also laser-focused on developing a workplace culture that embraces diversity – of race, gender and perspectives – not just because it looks good, but because it’s good for business. We can serve our customers better when we reflect the communities we serve and that in turn, helps us grow our company.

How can you #BeBoldForChange? Join the International Women’s Day movement by:

  • Challenging bias and inequality
  • Campaigning against violence
  • Forging women’s advancement
  • Celebrating women’s achievement
  • Championing women’s education

Today and every day, let’s all #BeBoldForChange and support making our world more inclusive for all.

Women of Starry #BeBoldForChange