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How it works: Starry Station

It’s been an incredible launch week. Thank you to everyone for your support; we’re looking forward to what’s ahead. Now that we’ve officially launched, we want to tell you more about our products and services. And there’s no better place to start than with our first product: Starry Station.

Works with your existing Internet service, including DSL, fiber, and cable

So, what is Starry Station? You can think of it like a replacement for—or a major upgrade from—your current router. It’s an 802.11ac Wi-Fi station that serves Wi-Fi to your home, surfaces and helps fix issues, and lets you know what’s happening with your Internet service.

Starry Station works with your current Internet service—DSL, cable, fiber, you name it. Simply set up Starry Station with your existing Internet and you’re good to go. And of course, Starry Station will also work with Starry Internet, when it begins to roll out across the country.

Once you receive your Starry Station, setup is easy. It just takes a few simple steps.

You can get the information you want, and even request a support call from a Starry Expert, directly from the touchscreen.

You can also keep tabs on your Wi-Fi from anywhere with the Starry app. The Starry app gives you easy access to remote health checks, ScreenTime parental controls, and Advanced Settings for power users.

So, to recap, Starry Station

  • is a replacement for your router
  • works with any Internet service
  • can be used anywhere in the United States
  • is easy to set up, directly from the touchscreen

And Starry Station lets people

  • see and understand what’s happening with their Wi-Fi
  • interact simply with Android technology
  • recognize and fix any problems that arise
  • discover what speed they’re actually getting
  • monitor their kids’ time online with parental controls
  • find their username and password with one click
  • request a call from Starry Support
  • and a lot more.

Starry Station goes on sale February 5th. Quantities are limited, but you can reserve yours now by visiting our website.