Inc. Names Starry Station One of the Most Brilliant Product Designs of 2016

May was a great month here at Starry, and June is shaping up to be just as amazing. Today, Inc. named Starry Station as one of The 7 Most Brilliant Product Designs of 2016.

“Routers are difficult. This simplifies the process and offers elegant design.” - Vivian Rosenthal

Read the full feature here.

Don Lehman, Head of Product Design, called the award " a great validation for the whole Starry team. Not only for all of the hard work and long days we put in to make Station happen, but that our approach to making WiFi not only easy to use, but also beautiful and fun is resonating with people."

We’re proud to have made this list, and will continue working towards delivering simpler, better ways to stay connected. Congratulations to all the winners and finalists on a job well done.

The reviews are in. And the results…

This week Starry Station started to make its way into the world. The results? From setup to daily use to performance and beyond, Starry Station shined in every category. We’ve gathered some of our favorites quotes below.

Setup is a breeze.
Traditionally in the router category, setup has been a major struggle. Until now. Here’s what a few reviewers had to say about getting started with Station.

"Starry turns the unusually mundane task [of setting up your network] into a game..." (TIME)

"The setup process is dead simple." (CNET)

"Starry Station will be a breeze to set up and use...I was up and running in minutes." (The Verge)

...And so is daily use.
But it wasn’t just the setup they found simple. Seeing who’s online. Choosing a Wi-Fi name. Contacting Support. Overwhelmingly, reviewers noted the ease and simplicity of the entire experience.

"...a wonderfully usable piece of design..." (Fast Co. Design)

"There's no need to interpret blinking lights...every bit of information you need is accessible with just a few taps." (TIME)

"Starry Station is packed with all the high-end networking gadgetry you'd expect from a premium router, but the real story is how friendly it is to use." (Tech Insider)

Performance is exceptional.
It may be super simple to use, but that doesn’t mean it underperforms. Quite the contrary. When put to the test, Starry Station proved that simplicity and outstanding performance can (and do) coexist.

“...delivers fast speeds, it's easy to set up, it offers more flexible controls than most routers, and it looks nice." (TIME)

"...passed the stress test with flying colors, being able to constantly handle heavy tasks between multiple devices for two days without disconnecting even once.” (CNET)

“It has a sustained speed on the 5GHz band of 711Mbps at a close range of 10 feet, which is among the best I've seen.” (CNET)

Putting it all together.
Starry Station was designed to give people a better, easier way to do what they love online. Based on the initial reviews, it’s clear that that’s reflected through the overall experience Starry Station delivers. An experience only the Rolls Royce of routers could provide.

Add your voice to the mix. Order Starry Station today.
Fact: Most of us may never own a Rolls-Royce. But we can all own the Rolls-Royce of routers. Order yours today on Amazon or through and share photos using the hashtag #starrystation, and don’t forget to tag @StarryInternet. We’d love to hear from you.

Starry @ SXSW: The Recap

This past weekend we held our first official Starry Station event at SXSW Interactive, and it was a huge success. While our time in Austin was brief, we couldn't have had a better experience. Here's a quick recap.

The event was held at the Palm Door on Sabine, a rustic-chic urban loft space on a quaint street in downtown Austin.

It was the perfect setting to meet and introduce people to Starry Station. And there were certainly a lot of great people to meet. We had over 430 guests come through.

Members of the Starry team held demos, while guests were able to connect their devices to Starry Station's Wi-Fi and see it in action.

Everyone got their fill of Starry snacks.

Guests also had a great time picking up Starry swag. Here's a partygoer wearing a limited-run SXSW Starry t-shirt.

And another checking out #happyinterneting sunglasses.

They were the perfect accessory for hanging out on our deck after demos. The sun was shining all afternoon and the deck was packed.

All in all, it was a great afternoon.

And when we weren't working, we got a chance to check out the city of Austin. Amazing food, friendly people, and incredible weather won us over.

It was 48 hours well spent. We want to thank everyone who came and made our first Starry Station event such a huge success. Looking forward to many more.