Your Connected Week No. 1

Welcome to the inaugural installment of Your Connected Week, a roundup of some of the week’s most interesting stories—from the entertaining to the bizarre—revolving around Wi-Fi and Internet. We’ve gathered our favorites and packaged them up for your reading pleasure.

Presidents: They’re Just Like Us
In an interview earlier this week, POTUS and FLOTUS expressed frustrations with the White House’s spotty Wi-Fi service, even calling it “a little sketchy.” The president said they’re aiming to get “this whole tech thing” resolved before the next occupants move in, but that doesn’t do much to help Malia and Sasha in the meantime. We feel your pain, first family. (Digital Trends)

But why is he yelling Omaha?
Thanks to Google Trends, we now know what people were Googling during Super Bowl 50. Game start time was the top question, and, not surprisingly, quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Cam Newton were the most-searched players. Buffalo chicken dip emerged the MVP of the recipe category, as the most-Googled dish of the night. Mashable lets you relive the entire game and see top trends minute by minute. (Mashable)

No Valentine yet? There’s an app for that. Online dating service Hinge surveyed 1000 happy couples who met via the app. On average, participants exchanged messages with 16 eligible bachelors/bachelorettes and went on four-to-five dates before meeting their significant other. The survey deemed Sunday night the best time to soulmate search, with a 36% higher response rate than any other time of the week. Hop on your Wi-Fi and swipe right for love, people. (Hinge)

If you can't walk to work...
New Yorkers, rejoice. A new app called Subspotting is here to make your subway commute (slightly) better. Subspotting offers you information about all 469 subway stations, lets you know which ones are Wi-Fi enabled, and even gives you average cell reception based on your carrier. It also marks the overground stretches of each line so you can queue up that “Running 10 min. late. Sorry!!” text perfectly. (Gizmodo)

Wait. These Aren’t Raisinets.
For this weekend’s premier of Zoolander 2, Vue Cinemas in London is giving moviegoers the VIP treatment with on-demand prosecco service. Here’s how it works: Lucky patrons in “Press-ecco” seats will have access to private Wi-Fi hotspots; once logged in, they can order a glass of prosecco and have it delivered to their seat with just one click—and they don’t even have to be really, really, really, ridiculously good looking. (BT)

What were the Wi-Fi stories that helped you procrastinate this week?